E-Commerce FAQ

This season, Elk Mountain is going radio frequency! That’s right, access to the chairlifts will all be handled by RFID technology. Due to this change, passes and tickets will look a bit different. Here are some tips to make your direct to lift experience a breeze.

  • Your Season Pass or Lift Ticket has been loaded onto this space age encrypted card with a RFID chip inside.
  • Place your card in a jacket pocket by itself. Do not place it in a pocket with cell phones, wallet items, keys, food or cans.
  • Place your card in a side pocket on the left side of your jacket between shoulder and waist height.
  • Do not punch holes in your card. It will cause damage to the RFID antenna.
  • Once you receive your card, you can skip the ticket window and head straight to the lift instead. The access gates will read your card and open if valid for the day.
  • Your photo will not be printed on your card but it will be in our system. When your card is scanned at the gate, your photo will be displayed, screened, and admired by our staff.
  • Save this card! Reload your card online and use it for several years. Reduces waste and adds convenience.
  • Make sure you are carrying only your card when you go through the access gates. Do not carry cards for family or friends.
  • We will issue only one card per customer. A $5 replacement fee will apply to lost cards and remember, your card is your card. They are non transferable.