Ski patrol & safety

Meet the Elk Mountain Ski Patrol

The ski patrol is here to help keep you safe! Elk Mountain’s Ski Patrol has received and continues to receive National awards for excellence. The ski patrol at Elk Mountain is not only highly capable of responding, we also love to do it.

First On, Last Off

Each morning, the ski patrol must ski each and every trail before the public is allowed to go up the lift. We look for fallen tree limbs, holes in the snow, possible problems with the ski lift and any other situation which may be hazardous. If we find something, then we either mark the hazard or radio back to base if the situation is more serious. We may even close a trail of we deem it unsafe.

At the end of the day, the ski patrol must “clear” (ski down) each and every ski trail before the ski area may close for the evening. We look for any skier that may be left behind—a serious responsibility! No staff employee may leave until the ski patrol clears the mountain trails. As we say “First on, last off”