Trail Map

Note: The Slalom Trail may be closed to the general public for race events.
A - Beginner's Chair (Double)
B - East Chair (Double)
C - East Chair (Double)
D - Middle Chair (Double)
E - North Chair (Double)
F - North Chair (Quad)
G - Cable Tow in Terrain Park

• All skiers and riders should understand that there are inherent risks in the sport of skiing. These risks include, but are not limited to variations in snow, steepness and terrain, ice and icy conditions, moguls, rocks, trees and other forms of forest growth or debris (above or below the surface), bare spots, lift towers, utility lines, snowmaking equipment and component parts, and other forms of natural or man-made obstacles and/or off designated trails, as well as collisions with equipment, obstacles or other skiers, trail conditions vary constantly because of weather changes and skier use. I understand that all of the inherent risks of skiing present the risk of injury, that skiing is dangerous sport, and that injuries can be serious and even fatal.

• The trail ratings and their symbols indicate the relative degree of difficulty of a particular slope or trail compared with the other trails at Elk Mountain. Conditions do vary and change. If unfamiliar with Elk Mountain you should transition through the various levels of difficulty beginning with the trails marked “Easier”. If unable to ski down, for any reason, seek help from the ski patrol or other ski area personnel.

• All individuals are required to have a visible (current) lift ticket/season pass when riding the lifts or when using the slopes.

• Children in backpacks, papoose or similar devices are not allowed. The ski patrol and/or area management reserves the right to deny lift and/or slope access if they feel an unsafe condition exists.

• The Slalom trail may be closed to the general public for race events.

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